Natural Medieval-Style Build

Natural Medieval-Style Build

Under the expert guidance of Eoin Donnelly, we will construct a medieval style structure. This will have a 'green-oak' frame and will be covered using the traditional method of ‘wattle and daub’. Eoin is responsible for most of the vernacular buildings in ‘The National Heritage Park’ and has headed up many other restoration projects around the country.

Using native Irish materials and hand tools you will learn how to; • Build oak framing using pegged ‘mortise and tenon’ joints • Cleft Irish ‘roof shakes’ (shingles) from oak. • Construct ‘wattle and daub’ walls. •Finish walls with a fine clay plaster. The structure will be constructed over 3 seperate workshops. 1st. (May 4th-6th): 'Green-oak' frame topped off with cleft oak shingles; 2nd. (June15th-16th): 'Wattle and daub' walls; 3rd. (Aug. 10th): Finish build with a fine clay plaster Check indivedual workshops for more detailed information

May 4th 2019 9:30am - 4:30pm

Tutor: Eoin Donnelly

Cost: €350

(includes all 3 workshops (6 days in total). Lunch and tea breaks each day)

Natural Medieval-Style Build

Enquiries to: Irene Kelly 085 7818821